Opal Pendant


Pure Silver Hand Made Pendant
Ethiopian opal ( White Opal )

Stone Weight: 3-4 crt
Code: NE 77 / BL 118


Benefits of Wearing Opal Stone
  • Opal is the most beneficial stone for Libra and Taurus Zodiac

It is considered to enhance the creativity and artistic abilities of a person. Opal is believed to bring good fortune, peace, joy, and wealth to the wearer. Opal helps the wearer to have a pleasing personality. It assists in gaining self-confidence and utilizing one’s potential to the fullest

This gemstone owns the power to enhance the charm and passion of love. Opal turns its wearer into a loving, caring, and affectionate person. It also enhances the mutual understanding between the couple and increases the love. To attain peace and satisfaction in life, people prefer to wear an Opal.

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Additional information

Stone Weight

3 carat, 4 Carat


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