Peridot Pendent


Pure Silver Hand Made Pendant
Stone Name: Peridot 

Stone Weight: 07 crt
Code: NE 69 / BL 116


Benefits of Peridot:

Peridot is the most beneficial stone for Gemini and Pisces Zodiac

A natural Peridot stone offers many health benefits as well. It helps cure diseases related to the lungs, breasts, intestinal tract, spleen, and lymph. It is also beneficial for asthma and the sinus. Its nursing powers have many magical effects on the eye, stomach, thyroid, liver, and other body parts.

A Peridot gem increases strength and vitality in people. It reduces anxiety and keeps the wearer calm and composed so that they can make wiser decisions in life. Peridot is also known as Olivine stone that keeps negative energies at bay.

This friendly bright green stone also has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity; it also brings delight and good cheer. It attracts love and calms anger by giving renewal to all things.

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Additional information

Stone Weight

7 carat


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