Yellow Sapphire Male Ring


Stone Weight: 5 Crt stone
Ring Size: 22 size ( 10 mm US Size )
Product Code: YSR 04
African Yellow Sapphire (Zard Pukhraj)

Pure Silver Hand Made Ring
Available in all Sizes on Order


How Can Yellow Sapphire Change Your Life?

Gemstones have inherent capabilities to influence human existence. When you face a challenging or struggling phase, it may be due to the malefic influence of planetary positions in your birth charts. Jupiter is one of the most influential planets that can cause many afflictions when placed in the wrong position. It can damage your social standing and financial status.

But, wearing yellow sapphire or Pukhraj Stone can change it all. This stone has strong and positive energies that eliminate negativity from your aura. Both western and Vedic astrology places a lot of significance on its metaphysical powers. You can understand the importance of yellow sapphire with these benefits.

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Ring Size


Stone Weight

5 Carat


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