I started to get education of Astrology In 2000 & the knowledge which i get from my father help me lot by this knowledge I sort-out the problems of the people. During all of these I also getting a knowledge of Spirituality.

In 2005 my First Article based on Spirituality was published from Karachi. In this year my various Articles also published in many magazines from Lahore.

In 2006 my Article was published in the Pakistan famous & reliable Imamia Jantari.

In 2008 I started to wrote a annual Zaichay in Imamia Jantari which i’m writing regularly now a days. During this period i wrote the annual Zaichay in the Nazami Jantari which was published from India and in the Islamic Jantari which was in English published from America and also in different magazines my Articles was published on Astrology, Spirituality and on Duas.

From 2008 to still Alhamdulillah Thousands or Hundred of Thousands people have been take help from my knowledge.

During this all period i also worked on Gems but not as much as i do today, all this tenor i do the gems remedy but my all clients was always said that the Gems which we purchased from market are not real. After listening that from all our valued customers i think to come in that field in 2008.

After 2008 i grow and grow in this field and all of my struggle i achieved a lot of famous in society in the field of Gems.

In the last of 2017 i educate my daughter in the field of gemology and after her education we start the Gems Lab, where we test the Gems and also provides the Gems Lab Test for those who request for it.

After this i think to make some type of platform where our valued costumers join us and they see all the Gems and all the accessories of Gems. So i make a decision to build my own shopping cart for continence of Our Valued customers.