Blue Sapphire - نیلم

Before you know the price of Blue sapphire in Pakistan you should know about its secrets too.

People who are spiritually inclined can derive immense benefits from the Blue Sapphire gemstone. The Neelam stone improves meditation, helps in introspection, and self-realization. Therefore this stone is a good companion in the spiritual journey of people.

Blue Sapphire Price in Pakistan – نیلم

Blue Sapphire is Related to Saturn. As Saturn the Ruling Planet of Aquarius and Capricorn, This stone groom their personality, provide them self confidence, help then in daily task, make them work hard, provide then financial stability, held them in making more money, etc

As Sarh satti belongs to Saturn positioning in Birthchart, So this stone also secures them from Sarh Satti Negativity

If you want to learn more about Sarh Satti and blue Sapphire stone watch a detailed video about it on our Youtube Chanal Sheikh Zawar Raza Jawa

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