Career and wealth are such things for any individual that cannot be neglected. Commonly Astrologist looks at second and tenth house of geomancy (Zaicha) while I look at sixth and eight house of geomancy too.
Second house is about Individual’s family. Sixth house have information about his Job while eighth house represents the benefits he can get from others. Tenth house is related to individual career.
Good Position of second house represents fluency of money to that individual. If position of second house is good that individual will keep making money from one way or other. But there is one more twist to it, often we heard individual saying that they make a lot of money but I am not able to save any.
In my observation it happens when there is some star present in second house or if star is in good position but if master (hakim) star is not in a good position.
Same way you can find out details about other houses too. I have seen many cases where individual finds a job but it does not stay long. If eight house position is not good then there are very few chances that individual will get any benefits from others. Instead often these individuals have to face problems from their spouse of partner. In same way if for any reason tenth house of geomancy is being affected then Individual fails to build his career despite of all hard work. For many years he doesn’t get promoted or he has to face tough time from his boss.
Individual works really hard but he fails to achieve anything in his career. Astrology informs you about such situations and one good astrologist tells you how to avoid it. I know many people who have been beneficiary because of my knowledge about it. Astrology tells you what profession you should adopt, where your investments can give you best return. When you will be able to find Job or when you should change Job. I will be sad for those people who move to foreign countries after being failed in their own country and after wasting tons of money and time comes back to their country. If they check their geomancy before going abroad it can help them a lot achieving their goals. Because Allah has provided solution of every problem and cure of every disease. Astrology provides guidance about it.