Allah have created human beings and educated them to have superiority on other creatures. Though there are many branches of knowledge that are well recognized in this universe but there are some that have been very much of interest despite not being very prominent.

Humans are curious by nature and it becomes more inquisitive when something is being hidden from him. Astrology is one form of Knowledge that has become more prominent in last few decades otherwise it was only available for specific class of people and common person did not have any access in it. Neither common person was aware of its importance.

Our Creator has provided all the knowledge to human beings for their welfare. In Astrology, Prophet Idrees educated their people first time ever by the will of God. He is the one who educated his nation about astrology, writing, mathematics, weapons and measurement techniques.

We cannot classify any form of knowledge to good or bad, it’s his usage that makes it useful or destructive. Prophet Idrees taught his people how to build weapons so to keep or build weapons is not good or bad. In fact it matters why we are using it.

Some People think very negative about Astrology but it’s not true. If we use it for the welfare of people then it will be very beneficial to achieve things that our creator wanted us to achieve through this form of Knowledge.

Astrology provides very beneficial information about all aspects of life but we in this topic we will talk about most important aspect of human being “Personality”.  Humans are recognized in any society by their personalities. It means whatever role they play in their society it becomes their recognition.

For example; Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal; I have mentioned both these names because both these personalities have recognized their name in near past. Both of them belonged to different fields of life but they have their own recognition in history.

Let’s talk about how you can use Astrology to build your children personalities. When child is born, a good astrologist can tell about personality of a child by looking at his birth geomancy (Zaicha).

Below are some negative effects of stars so that you can understand it better. In the end we will talk about how we can avoid negative effects of these stars.


If someone’s birth geomancy is in bad time, means if moon is in Burj, Aqrab, Jadi or Hoot then that person will be very profuse, day dreamer and negative personality.


Negative or weak position of Mercury pushes a person to be a liar, deceiver and Loquaciousness. It means such person cannot focus on one specific thing. Often children lack behind in education despite all the hard work and struggles. They are unable to make correct decisions in social and moral matters as well as in business. Such people lie a lot and they create their enemies in society because of their chattiness and foolishness.

In same way other stars leave their effects on people. If you know the reason behind such behavior of your children and spouse which does not let them get their deserving status in society, you can easily help them by removing negative aspects from their personalities. But this is only possible if you get assistance from a knowledgeable astrologist because only he can help you identify negative effects of a star on your personality and how to avoid it.

It is same as when you go to a doctor and he tells you that you have a fever because of your stomach or throat infection. He prescribed you medicines to cure that infection. In same way a knowledgeable Astrologist suggests you some impressions and provides some verses to read. If you are adult he makes you aware of negative aspects of your personality and informs you how to avoid them So that you can become an important and prominent part of a healthy Society.