Astrology can help you in every aspects of life but we will talk about most important aspect of human life here “Health”. In this regards sixth, eight and twelfth houses are very important. Sixth house of geomancy is related to health. Strong position of sixth house leaves really good effects on individual’s health.
Position of Sixth house hakim is very important at the time of birth. If at time of birth sixth house is not in a bad position then it’s a best situation for an individual. But for any reason if sixth house is being affected then it can cause many negative effects on an individual life. It can create health issues to an individual throughout his life unless that individual takes corrective actions to remove negative effects of related stars.
Same way eight house of geomancy is very important in Life of any individual because in astrology it is house of death and fear. Though as a Muslim I try to avoid talking about death of any individual. I am writing it here only for educational reasons.