In Astrology: first, fourth, seventh and eleventh houses are very important. As I have written the role of Astrology on Individual’s personality that stars in first house effects on Individuals personality. If stars are present in First house then individual will be sensible and down to earth and he will be able to make correct decisions about his family.

Fourth house in geomancy is about family situation. If any star in fourth house is at negative position then that individual’s family situation will always be effected. If master (Hakim) of fourth house is in good position then family will be prosperous.

For any geomancy, Seventh house is very important because in geomancy it is totally opposite to First house and on other side it is related to your spouse and partner. If for any individual If Seventh house have any bad star or master (Hakim) of seventh house is in negative position then it affects Individual married life.

Same way there is many such scenarios which can affect Individual’s family relationships. Astrology helps guide you best in this regard. Individual can find out by having geomancy that how houses in his geomancy will affect his present or future.

If houses in geomancy are not in good positions then a good astrologist can point out reasons and can help to make your family relationships better by suggesting how to protect yourself from negative effects of stars. In these situations Astrology plays very important role of a helper.