Urdu name: Hadeed

Arabic name: Hajar khamakhan

Persian name: Sultan Mohra / Sandal hadeedi

Color: Brownish/Black/ Brown-Red



Hematite – The stone:

Hematite is a unique kind of stone with a specific kind of luster. When it is cut, grind and polished its color is shiny and metallic but its originated color is brown-red. Natural hematite is not usually magnetic but can be magnetized by heating and cooling process while attached to magnet .it contains a large amount of iron.

Hematite’s Hardness: It is harder than iron. Hematite’s hardness ranging from 5.50 to 6.50 on Mohs scale.

Hematite Origin:

Hematite can be found in numerous locations around the world. Some of its significant sources include Minas Geris, Brazil; Cambria, England and Elba, Italy, Morocco, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and the United States(in some of its states).it is also include sub-continent, Russia, Egypt.

Hematite also found in excessive and fine quality from china therefore it’s also known as “Chinee Hadeed”

NASA spacecraft also have found Hematite on MARS’s surface.



Hematite – Mineral Specifications:


Chemical Formula Fe2O3
Color Black grey to silver grey, brown to reddish brown , red.
Luster Metallic to dull.
Hardness 5 – 6.
Crystal system Hexagon
Specific Gravity 4.9 – 5.3
Environment Occur in almost all different environments.

Hematite – Healing Properties:

Hematite preliminary ability is to absorb any toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality


Hematite is a very powerful healing stone. Its prime use is for eliminating blood related disorders (in men and women both).DNA incomplete production or any biological disorder is also treated through Hematite.it gives more better results when combine with blood stone –the most common stone to treat blood related problems now-a-days.


Hematite use to cure Agenesis. It also helps women during child labor process.



According to the traditional doctors, applying crushed hematite over the weak parts of body will not only cure them but also give them strength. Hematite also uses to cure skin allergic and swollen eyelashes. It is beneficial to apply crushed hematite through bird’s feathers over swelling and tumefaction.

This stone is used to treat stomach problems, piles and boredom.

It supports kidneys and regenerates tissue. It regulates blood supply and help to deal with anemia. It support the generation of iron and blood cells in body. It is supportive for liver.


It is beneficial to wear hematite during war and terror situation. It also suggested wearing hematite to get rid from evil eye, black magic and bewitching.  It destroys the effects of evil eye. It is recommended not to wear hematite in Najasat (Ritual impurities).

IMAM JAFFER (a.s) said that:

                                  “Hadeed (hematite) is one from the 5 precious rings”       

IMAM ALI (a.s) use to wear it during wars.

Hematite brings luck and benefits if you wear it while entering a new city and visiting new people. It is recommended to wear hematite to get rid of evil forces. This stone’s ring is beneficial to wear while performing difficult tasks.


Hematite absorbs negative energy. It is best stone for eliminating stress and anxiety. As it contains large amount of iron this stone is more near to Earth’s properties and keep you grounded in nature.

Wearing hematite enhance these qualities in a human such as Focus, Concentration, Willpower, Reliability, Courage, Confidence, Optimism, Trust, Balance, Stability and Protection. It gives you strength and makes you feel courage and safe.

Grounding, Balancing, Detoxifying are hematite’s special healings. Hematite gives one the power of self-control and self-confidence

If you’re feeling unsteady, either physically or spiritually, meditate with Hematite in a specific healing layout to immediately benefit from its grounding affects.