Urdu: Zamurd

Punjabi name: panna

Sanskrit name: Ashym Gharbh

Arabic: Hizar-al-Hayya

Hindi: Markat

Color: Green


According to Imam Hassan-e-Mujtaba (a.s):

“Best quality Emerald relates to the bright green color of grass”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) chooses green flag for the representation of ISLAM in the world.  This is the great example of knowledge and wisdom. This color also belongs to Imam Hassan-e-Mujtaba (a.s) he is also known by the name Sabz-Qabba.

Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (a.s) and Imam Ali (a.s) said that:

“Wearing Emerald is beneficial in hard times.


Emerald’s mining was started in 4000 B.C from Egypt and Austria. The Duke of Devonshire Emerald is one of the world’s largest and most famous uncut emeralds, weighing 1,383.93 carats.


Emerald is mined from Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Rajhistan, and Tanzania. In Pakistan it is found in Swat, Mehmand Agency, and Chitral and in other tribal areas. But Pakistani are still unable to get such brilliant quality emerald because its international worth is very high so major part of mining is exported in good price to other countries like Europe, America etc.

A very fine quality Emerald is also originated from Colombia. It is one of the highly demanded stone in Europe, America and Asia. This is why it is high in price.

Chemical Specifications:

  • Chemical formula of Emerald:
Beryllium 14.1%
Alumina 19%
Silica 66.9%
Chrome/vanadium In a very low quantity


  • Hardness of Emerald:5
  • R-i(from machine):576 to 1.582
  • Emeralds Quality could be improved by oiling.
  • Inclusion and Fractures are one of the leading qualities of Emerald.

Now-a-days fake Emeralds are prepared from Green glass. This can be determined by testing it from latest microscopes.

Astrological Importance of Emerald:

Emerald belongs to Mercury and Jupiter. According to astrology Mercury relates to a person’s thinking and speech abilities whereas Jupiter belongs to spiritualism, knowledge of Devine, Purity and livelihood.

For Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pieces Emerald belongs to the major houses of horoscope. Those houses are:

Gemini 10th house 7th house 4th house 1st house
Virgo 10th house 7th house 4th house 1st house
Sagittarius 10th house 7th house 4th house 1st house
Pieces 10th house 7th house 4th house 1st house


Spiritual Healings of Emerald:

Wearing emerald is beneficial for enhancing intellectual properties.one that is wearing emerald could be able to defeat his enemies. Green color increases positive energy in human body.

Emerald enhances some qualities in wearer such as steadfastness, courage and he feel strength in him to do something or achieve something by relying on his intellectual abilities. Emerald also releases stress and anxiety. Wearer of emerald feels amenity in his nature. Emerald enhances fluency, conciseness and ability to take right decision.

Wearing Emerald also boost up your self-esteem and honor. Emerald can protect you from Evil eye and black magic as well.

You should consult to any astrologist before wearing an Emerald. Even you should not wear any stone without consultation.

You can wear Emerald in ring, pendent or bracelet. There are some specific rules, wazaif and Isma-e-Husna to recite for wearing Emerald which you can consult from Astrologer: Sheikh Zawar Raza Jawa (Owner of Jawa Gems) or any other Astrologer

Jawa Gem is also providing Certification of Gems or Lab report: