Arabic Name: Yakoot-e-Asghar.

Persian Name: Yakoot-e-Arzaq.

Hindi Name: Poshp Raag.

Punjabi Name: Pukhraj.

Sanskrit Name: Manjolay.

English Name: Topaz

Topaz is an ideal and desirable gem stone available in multiple colors. Topaz is Common and inexpensive stone therefore highly available stone in market. It has been used by the emperors of ancient times in their clothes, weapons and in their crowns as it is beautiful and precious stone. Topaz of all colors and qualities are used in jewelry, in rings, pendants, bracelets, necklace and earrings.

Origin of Topaz:

Topaz has been used since 2000 years .Topaz is found in volcanic mountains of pigmite, Granite and Volcano. It is also found near water Reservoirs. Brazil, America, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, Tasmania, Pakistan, Moscow, Japan, Africa are its main origin places.

A very Fine Quality of Pink Topaz is originated from Russia and Pakistan.

Identification of Real Topaz:

It’s a crystal clear stone available in white, slate grey, greenish yellow, yellow, orange, pink and red color. Its hardness is “8”. Its RI usually taken from machine is b/w (1.619 to1.627) but for pink topaz and yellow topaz have RI of (1.692 to 1.637) whereas clear blue topaz and green topaz have RI of (1.609 to 1.617). Its specific gravity lies b/w 3.4 to 3.6


Chemical Formula of Topaz:

Chemical Compound Percentage
Aluminum 29.61%
Silicon 15.41%
Hydrogen 0.05%
Oxygen 43.02%
Fluorine 11.47%


Ruling Planet of Topaz:

Topaz’s ruling planet is Mercury therefore it is highly beneficial for those who are in public dealing. It’s also beneficial for those who are working as lawyers and tourist guides. The one who is having mercury in retrograde position in their birth chart or sun; Saturn and Jupiter are making conjunction with each other. They should must wear topaz. It is beneficial for those who have problem in speech and are related to correspondence.



Spiritual healings of Topaz:

Topaz is useful to reduce anger and sadness. It is highly recommended to wear topaz to get rid of problems and gain profit in business. . It also suggested wearing Topaz to get rid from black magic and bewitching. It keeps you away from fantasy world and also from evil or bad deeds. It increases self-respect, dignity and happiness in one’s self.

Medical healings of Topaz:

                                                   Wearing topaz increases remembrance ability. It makes the human body active and fit. Some people consider it as age increasing stone.